carwarp (vertical), 2021 bronze

a focus on animals and art
a creative journey over 40 years

representing animals in art

As I go through life, I always ask the question, “Where do I go to find animals?”

In the city I take notice of the pigeons, the rats and the pampered pets. I go to the Natural History Museum, the zoo and the library to see how animals are portrayed. In a supermarket I look at the fish and meat products and the pictures of animals on packets and tins. I find animal documentaries on television fascinating.

The way we understand animals, the words we have for them and our relationship with them is the focus of my work.

In the form of sculpture, performance and drawing my artwork takes a critical view of the social, political and cultural construction of the lives of animals. I am interested in the language we use to construct an understanding of an animal. My sculptures employ a variety of materials. They are illustrations of animals created through a poetic synthesis of material and language.


Sito, bronze and lacquer, 2014

snake sculptures

sculpture and installation

sculpture & installation



drawing and collage

drawing and collage

collaborations with animals

collaborations with animals

collaborations with people

collaborations with people

animal art

As an artist I work with sculptural and other art commissions, including public artworks. In 2009 I completed a commission for the Australian War Memorial and the RSPCA to design a Memorial to Animals in War. Situated in the Sculpture Garden at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra it is an official recognition of the sacrifice’s animals have made in Australian warfare.

A subsequent piece dedicated to the Military Working Dogs was completed in 2020.

Both can be viewed on the Commissions Gallery page.

Memorial to Animals at War, bronze & granite, commission-by-Australian-War-Memorial and RSPCA, 2009
2 hidden, bronze 2009

snakes & serpents

I study snakes as a symbol of a vast range of human attributes and, as a consequence, how snakes are misunderstood.

2 staff of ascleplus 2010

thoughtful creative works

I depict animal life as imparting a greater understanding on all life and death.

3 Of no fixed address, site specific artwork, collaboration with Adje Bruce, 1991_

Global since 1990

I have been a professional artist available for commissions since 1990.

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Steven Mark Holland


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