sculpture and installation

Over the years I have created sculptures and installations of animals that explore both the language of the materials used to make the animal sculpture and the language that is projected onto animals. Some of these works include rabbits made from plastic shopping bags, ravens constructed from black plastic bin-liners, and more recently snake sculptures cast in bronze.

An example language projected onto animals can be seen in the installation called The Fox and the Moon’s Reflection which was seen at the Australian National University, School of Art and Design in Canberra in1995. The installation was an illustration of a 12th Century fable written by Marie de France. The large floor work consisted of resin sculptures of foxes, rabbits, and starlings which were covered with Band-Aids. The Band-Aids were spread out onto the gallery floor in a way that depicted the moon reflected on water.

True to all good fables the animals in the story were allegorical. The fox represented a greedy human and the Caucasian, flesh colour of the Band-Aids referred to the European origin of the animals and the story.

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Steven Mark Holland


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